International Office - About

The International Office (IO) is centralized under Academic Affairs and carries out seven tasks. They are as follows:

  1. Disseminate global resources to the Hampton University community of scholars via diverse media outlets;
  2. Identifying opportunities for students to study abroad;
  3. Facilitate the integration of international/ cultural activities into student life;
  4. Increase faculty exchange experiences;
  5. Establish Memoranda Of Understanding (MOU) (also known as exchange agreements) with international partners, and universities.;
  6. Maintain the status of J-1 and F-1 students.;
  7. Maintain the status of faculty on H1-B, J-1, and F-1 visas. (The IO carries out these tasks by housing a ‘Designated School Official’ (DSO,) a ‘Responsible Officer’ (RO) and an ISS School Official.
International Office Officers
International Office Coordinator Mrs. Carolina Butler
Outbound Immigration Specialist Ms. Wynter Hobson
Inbound Immigration Specialist Ms. Ivana Marshall
Secretary Ms. Georgiana Lau
CALL US: 757.728.6914
VISIT US: Phenix Hall Room 130 — 8AM - 5PM